Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas, winter, a year in repose and an apology.

So, to start, this is the apology; I have had several concerned individuals who have been asking for an update, so to you I apologize. I have to admit it was flattering to find that people actually did take a moment to read this so I feel the obligation to provide some reading material (or fodder) for those who choose to continue reading.
This year, as so many of them before it, have flown by. Although that echoes a resounding "cliche" I can't help but mention it as that is indeed the case. We had a great year in spite of common pitfalls such as the economy, the economy and well you get the idea. Sara has continued to remain diligent in light of a less than stellar year in the dental industry. Many dentists struggled along with her doctors practice but I know he will agree in saying that without Sara's admirable abilities in keeping the schedule as full as possible, his practice would have suffered even further. She also continues to be a finalist in the mother of the year category as she manages an office and the goings on of our two daughters. Although she finished out the year as a room mother and swore off of it, she again finds herself lending a helping hand to Myale's classroom as needed.
And speaking of our little second grader, she is doing well. School is of course a matter of consequence and she endures it. Of course when asked how school was today the answer is always "good." And when asked what interesting things she learned... "I don't know." Sometimes I wonder about our educational system. Wait, actually I always worry about our educational system. Myale got a bundle for Christmas including a horrific present from Santa that mom and dad wanted nothing to do with, heely's. If we can make it through the next year without a visit to the ER I will not complain but if we go I hope Santa has good insurance.
Devyn continues to amaze as she gets bigger and bigger by the day. Her little words are making more sense than ever and she loves her big sister "Miyee." I can't believe she turns 2 in February. Wow. The next year promises to be a big one as she will go through poddy training, start daycare and move out of her crib. I know she is ready for all of it as she seems to be much more independent than Myale at her age.
Not much to report for myself. Just continue to trudge and wish that there was just more time for everything. I am looking for that grasp on reality that I have heard about but it continues to elude me. Perhaps this "grasp" has an in with the snipe that also continues to elude. Hmm.. Now that I think about it between the grasp, the snipe and U of I getting a WAC championship there may be three things in life I may never see. Sorry, I'm watching the H bowl right now; seemed like a good time to blog.
Moving along I am looking for a good closing and that eludes me as well. Perhaps the best close it not to, but to leave it open for the next chapter to unfold. I think I may have stumbled onto something. God bless and Happy Holidays from the Schwarz gang.

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